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ADD Attention Mastery Program

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Davis Attention Mastery Program

Drug free solutions for ADD/ADHD

The Davis Attention Mastery Program provides individuals with effective tools to correct problems with hyperactivity, hypoactivity, inability to focus, difficulty staying on task, and inappropriate social behaviors.

"When someone masters something, it becomes a part of that person. It becomes part of the individual's thought and creative process. It adds the quality of its essence to all subsequent thought and creativity of the individual." --Ronald D. Davis

What is different about the drug-free Davis approach to ADD/ADHD?

The Davis approach goes to the root causes of why some people have problems controlling their attention, energy level, and social interaction, and resolves them. These root causes are:

  • they experience the passage of time inconsistently
  • they think in images rather than in words
  • they are highly imaginative
  •   they have little or no concept of self as separate from and/or in relation to others
  • they have little or no concept of time, sequence, order, cause, effect, or consequence.

These characteristics are part of a unique thinking style shared by 15-20% of the population. This thinking style is often associated with the labels, ADD or ADHD. When confused, distracted, or curious, their perceptions shift in one or more of the primary senses resulting in some of the following behaviors:

Time (a shift in the time sense or internal clock)
When a person experiences a shift in their time sense, they can show increased or decreased energy levels with regard to strength and stamina. If a person's internal clock speeds up, they may experience two or three minutes while others are experiencing only one. This person would exhibit an unusually high energy level. They would appear hyperactive. The reverse is also true, if the internal clock goes slower, that individual would experience less time than the rest of us and the energy level would appear lower than normal. They would appear hypoactive.

Movement (a shift in the senses of balance and motion)
When a person experiences a shift in their sense of movement, they can feel as if they are moving when they are actually sitting still. When they begin to move, the feeling reverses and they feel less motion. The person may be moving all or some part of their body and would be unaware of that motion until someone pointed it out to them. This behavior is their compensation for their inaccurate feeling of motion and can look like restlessness (can't sit still). This shift can affect the person's balance which may cause them to be clumsy. In some cases, the harder the individual tries to sit still, the more the sensation of movement increases. Some individuals experience motion sickness, nausea, headaches, or a stomachache as a result of this inaccurate perception of movement.

Social Interaction (a shift in hearing and/or seeing accurately)
When someone has shifted their perception, the things that are being said to them may be misunderstood or not heard at all. Non-verbal communications such as body language and facial expressions can be misinterpreted or not seen at all. Their responses can seem inappropriate or they may appear to be defiant. They will hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, and react accordingly.

These perceptual distortions and the lack of the key concepts described above can manifest as impulsivity, difficulty taking turns, inattention, problems organizing, or difficulty following rules or instructions. Davis Attention Mastery resolves the perceptual distortions and provides self-management tools for eliminating the unwanted symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

What improvements can be expected?

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Ability to control energy level
  • Improved self-management in social situations
  • Improved ability to maintain attention focus

Eligibility and Scheduling:
The Davis Attention Mastery Program is provided to individuals ages eight and up, who are primarily motivated to resolve difficulties with attention, behavioral issues, and/or social interactions. Individuals who are taking prescribed medications for controlling behavior or attention are required to consult their physician prior to discontinuing such medication.* An initial assessment and interview would determine the ideal strategy and estimated duration for this program.

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*The above information is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling.

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